As part of the quadrupling of Line 50A (Brussels - Ostend), work was carried out on 17 and 18 March 2018 in Oostkamp with a view to building the new road bridge.

In December 2017, a total line interruption took place between Ghent and Bruges in order to carry out large-scale work for the installation of a new bridge over the Moerbrugsestraat in Oostkamp.

Today, preparations are practically finished: foundations have been laid, part of the steel construction has been installed and cycle track elements have been placed. The next work phase started last weekend. On Saturday a total line interruption was necessary to demolish the old bridge. On Saturday night the new girders were installed and on Sunday the prefab elements were placed on the girders.

This was the start of a race against time for the contractor, who has exactly four weeks to demolish the old bridge, to build the new bridge deck and to renew the sewers and the roadway. The Moerbrugsestraat will be closed from Friday 16 March to Wednesday 18 April. Careful planning and organisation will be the key to meeting the deadline.