On Saturday 25 August 2018, the bridge near the Knesselaarsestraat in Aalter was inaugurated in the presence of CEO Jochen Bultinck and mayors of Aalter Patrick Hoste and Pieter De Crem. Since 2015, TUC RAIL has been working on behalf of Infrabel in Aalter and Beernem for the construction of the 3rd and 4th tracks on Line 50A between Ghent and Bruges. Thanks to this work, five crossings were permanently closed. TUC RAIL built a new bridge in Aalter as well as three tunnels for cyclists and pedestrians, one in Beernem and two in Aalter. We will also build the necessary parallel roads to ensure smooth local traffic flow. It does not stop here. The contractor for the section between Aalter and Beernem has been appointed. As soon as the studies are completed, he will start to move the roads and to build the ditches and track beds. The stop in Maria-Aalter and the Aalter station will also be renovated.