Last week, a new ventilation system was put into operation at Brussels-Congress station as part of the modernisation of the railway infrastructure between the Brussels-Midi and Brussels-North stations (North-South connection). The purpose of these works is to equip and renew the tunnel’s safety installations, mainly fire detection, ventilation, lighting, intrusion detection, dynamic signalling, loud-speaker equipment and an automated and centralised monitoring system. The objective is to have all equipment in operation by 1 December 2018, when a full-scale test with the fire brigade will be carried out.

The renewal of the ventilation and smoke exhaust system of the North-South connection is one of the key activities of the contract. The system consists of three ventilation stations with a total of 13 ventilators: stations A1 and A2 at Brussels-Central and station A3 at Brussel-Congress. These obsolete stations need to be completely renewed, while continuing to provide ventilation and smoke extraction for the 365 000 passengers passing through the tunnel on working days. Putting into operation theis new ventilation installation represents an important step towards the subsequent renewal of the other installations. The new installation will increase the reliability and performance of the tunnel’s current ventilation system.