Cookies Notice

Last revised on 23 May 2018


Scope of this Cookies Policy 

TUC RAIL would like to make your experience on their website as informative and relevant as possible. We therefore use cookies and endeavour to protect your privacy while providing an enjoyable online experience. This cookie notice aims to inform you of what happens when cookies are placed on your device during your visit to the TUC RAIL website.

For the purposes of this notice, the terms will have the following meaning:

  • “Cookie” or “cookies”: text files which are downloaded and recorded on the device you are using to browse (mobile phone or computer) when you view a website, and may send information on your website usage.
  • “Third party cookies”: cookies placed by a third party while you browse the TUC RAIL website.
  • “Our cookies”: cookies we place on your internet browser while you browser the TUC RAIL website.
  • “Permanent cookies”: cookies recorded on your hard disk once the internet browser has been closed in order for the browser to use them for future visits to the TUC RAIL website.
  • “Session cookies”: temporary cookies which disappear once you close your internet browser.
  • “Necessary functional cookies”: These cookies are indispensable for visiting the website and for using all functionalities. If cookies are disabled, some parts of the website may not work optimally.
  • “Performance-analysis cookies”: TUC RAIL uses performance and analysis cookies to collect general information about how visitors use its website. Statistical analyses can be derived from the information collected in this way. These statistics give TUC RAIL insight into how often its web pages are visited, on which pages visitors spend most of their time, etc. This enables TUC RAIL to make the structure, navigation and content of its website as user-friendly as possible and to continue to improve it.
  • “Advertising cookies” : These are cookies that TUC RAIL uses to offer you personalised and more relevant advertisements, to determine how many times a certain advertisement has already been shown, to calculate the effectiveness of a certain advertising campaign, to keep track of data from a previous visit and to share the data collected with the third parties involved, such as the advertisers. They are used on this website and placed on your device by third parties such as companies associated with TUC RAIL and advertisers belonging to the advertising network of this website.
  • “Social media cookies”: cookies which allow you to share content from our site on social media and to interact with social media via our website.

This cookie notice should be read in conjunction with the privacy notice on the TUC RAIL website TUC RAIL- Privacy Notice.


Which cookies are placed on your device whilst using the website? 

While you are browsing the website, some cookies will be placed on your device for the purposes described below.

The following table contains further information on the cookies used on the TUC RAIL website. It also gives information on the cookies used by third parties.

How long will the cookie remain on your device?

The amount of time a cookie will remain on your device whilst you are browsing varies depending on whether it is a permanent cookie or a session cookie. Session cookies remain on your device until the internet browser is closed. Permanent cookies, however, remain on your device after your browsing session until they expire or are deleted.


Authorisation of the visitor

Before data is stored on your computer and cookies are installed, you will receive a warning when you open the website, which will ask your permission. If you refuse these cookies, you will have access to the Infrabel website, but your browser will operate more slowly or you will have difficult or no access to certain parts of the website.

More information about the handling of your personal data can be found in our Privacy Notice. 

You may withdraw your consent at any time and refuse the installation of cookies on your computer or their use on the website, and/or delete them, by changing the settings of your browser.


Disabling cookies  

As a general rule, it is possible to allow, deactivate or delete cookies through your internet browser. If you would like to do this, follow the instructions in your internet browser (by simply going to “Help”, “Tools”, “Modify”). You can set your internet browser preferences to delete all cookies or to receive a notification when a cookie is sent.

The following links allow you to disable cookies or to delete cookies that are installed on different browsers

Please be aware that if you deactivate cookies on your internet browser you may no longer be able to access certain secure areas of the website and some areas and functionalities of the website may no longer work properly.

More information about how to modify the cookies parameters on your browser is available on