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Our expertise at every stage of your project’s life cycle

As railway engineering experts, we offer comprehensive, multidisciplinary expertise throughout the life cycle of your project. With extensive experience in the field, we pride ourselves on offering innovative and tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.

Our expertise involves various technical disciplines: civil engineering (bridges, tunnels, viaducts and other structures), tracks, electrification and power supply, signalling, telecommunications.

Our railway engineering services

Preliminary studies and feasibility studies

We carry out feasibility studies to assess the technical and economic viability of your railway projects (development of railway infrastructures, design of high-speed lines, modernisation of existing lines, …).

Our expertise enables us to draw up the master plans for your projects, and also to take into account environmental and regulatory aspects, such as the urban and landscape integration of the infrastructure.

Finally, we carry out complete studies with a view to drawing up safety files.

General organisation and detailed studies

We carry out general layout and detailed studies to design and optimise technical solutions for your railway projects. We use the latest technologies and best practices in the industry.

We carry out general layout and detailed studies to design and optimise technical solutions for your railway projects.

We use latest the latest technologies and industry best practices, including topography, geotechnics and hydraulics, to carry out in-depth earthworks studies.

In addition, we are able to design road and rail infrastructure (bridges, viaducts, tunnels, etc.).

We also provide studies and logistical support for track laying, direct and alternating current electrification, signalling and telecommunications.

We also provide safety, project, technical and financial analysis and risk analysis coordination in relation to project implementation, use and maintenance.

Full program and project management

We handle the complete management of programs and projects to ensure their successful completion:  scope definition, planning and phasing, budget monitoring, quality monitoring and overall coordination of your railway programs and projects.

We also carry out audits of railway projects.

 Stakeholder management

We manage relationships with stakeholders involved in your railway projects, including public authorities, local residents and other interested parties. We also take care of the follow-up of permits and expropriations when necessary. We ensure effective communication and optimal coordination with your stakeholders.

Interface management

We manage interfaces between the different technical disciplines and stakeholders involved in your railway projects, to ensure smooth coordination and avoid potential conflict.

BIM (Building Information Modeling)

We use BIM to facilitate design, construction and management of your railway projects, enabling better cooperation and informed decision making.

Procurement of Works

We support you in the tendering procedure and selection of contractors and suppliers for your railway projects. We guarantee compliance with the applicable standards and regulations.

Works supervision, logistics and management of construction sites

We ensure the organisation of construction sites, the supervision and monitoring of works on site, the management of logistics and the overall coordination of construction sites. We ensure the safety of the works, paying particular attention to the safety of TUC RAIL staff, people working for contractors, passengers and third parties.

Phasing and coordination of railway traffic

We coordinate work phases and railway traffic. We draw up an efficient planning to minimise traffic disruption and ensure optimal operation of the railway infrastructure.

Assistance with testing and validation (certification)

We support you in the testing and validation phase to obtain the necessary certification for your railway projects. We ensure compliance with applicable standards and regulations.

Expertise and consultancy

We provide technical expertise and consultancy on operations, maintenance, risk management (RAMS) and other aspects of railway operation. We help you make informed decisions and optimise the performance of your projects.

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