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Some examples of innovative projects

Discover the innovations we are working on thanks to the expertise and experience of our employees.

track bed

With the study of the infiltrating track bed, we propose a solution to make the track bed more economical and ecological. In areas where rainwater has the potential to infiltrate into the subsoil, the track bed is adapted to allow rainwater to infiltrate underneath the track, without compromising its stability.

This not only requires using less public space, but also allows the falling groundwater level to be replenished and a less expensive and technically simpler drainage system to be installed.

Use of

A pilot project tested the use of drones on construction sites. The aim was to determine which assets can be measured by a drone and with what accuracy, with a view to automatically processing the measurement data to be included in a progress report of a construction site. This data is processed using artificial intelligence.

Automatic cable measuring tool

The AMT allows multi-conductor data cables to be automatically tested and monitored during their lifetime. It allows the degradation of a cable to be monitored and, if necessary, replaced proactively, which is beneficial to the operational reliability and punctuality of rail traffic.

Discover our innovative projects supporting the energy transition

At TUC RAIL, we believe that innovation is created together

InnoLAB: let’s stimulate innovation!

How can we use our railway infrastructure even more efficiently for the benefit of society? We are thinking about innovative solutions to put our skills to good use. We are aware that in order to fulfil our commitments, we must constantly innovate, not only in our work, but also structurally.

To this end, TUC RAIL created InnoLAB, a team that stimulates innovation around three main pillars: economy, ecology and energy transition. InnoLAB encourages our employees to share their innovative ideas with a view to further developing and implementing them.