Preliminary studies

  • Development of railway infrastructure
  • Design of high speed lines
  • Modernization of existing lines
  • Development of road infrastructure
  • Feasibility studies
  • Elaboration of master plans
  • Urban and landscape integration of railway infrastructure
  • Compilation of safety documentation


     Detailed engineering studies

  • Topographical, geotechnical and hydraulic studies 
  • Earthworks engineering studies
  • Design of road infrastructure
  • Design of bridges, viaducts, tunnels, etc.
  • Studies and logistical support for track laying
  • Direct current and alternating current electrification
  • Signalling and telecommunications studies
  • Preparation of safety documentation
  • Safety / project / risk analysis coordination depending on project execution, usage operations and maintenance.


     Project Management

  • Expropriations / land acquisition
  • Permits
  • Environmental management
  • Technical and financial analyses
  • Risk analyses
  • Scheduling
  • Cost evaluation and planning
  • Carrying out audits of railway projects


     Construction site supervision

  • Organization of worksites
  • Quality control
  • Execution studies and surveys
  • Safety / construction coordination (with particular attention paid to the safety of TUC RAIL employees, those working for contractors, travellers and third parties)
  • Work supervision
  • Testing and validation