Own purchases 

TUC RAIL applies standard purchasing conditions for all purchases made on behalf of TUC RAIL. The standard purchasing conditions apply to all supply contracts and orders. There are three types of conditions: 

  • Purchasing conditions for external consultancy are available on TUC RAIL’s job site and apply to all contracts made through said website. Click to view them in French or in Dutch
  • Purchasing conditions for other services. Click to view them in French or in Dutch.
  • Purchasing conditions for goods.  Click to view them in French or in Dutch.
  • TUC RAIL also makes the Infrabel Supplier Code of Conduct, which you can find by clicking here, applicable to all of its purchases.

TUC RAIL also makes Infrabel's supplier code of conduct applicable to all its purchases. You can find it by clicking here.


Public procurement contracts for other contracting authorities

As an Infrabel subsidiary, TUC RAIL plays a role in the procedures for public procurement contracts entrusted to it by the two public limited companies: Infrabel and SNCB.

The public procurement contracts, on behalf of these two public companies or in its own name, are awarded in accordance with the legislation on public procurement contracts by means of the open procedure, restricted procedure or negotiated procedure.

As part of its activities, TUC RAIL participates in the public procurement contract procedures for the tenders included in the following three lists:

  • Planned tenders are those for which it is envisaged to carry out the public procurement contract procedure within 6 months and for which the public company responsible for the tender has agreed to start the procedure;
  • Published tenders are tenders which have been published in the official journals (Official Journal of the European Union and/or Bulletin des Adjudications (Belgian Public Tender Bulletin). A date for registration of bids has, therefore, been set;
  • Awarded tenders are tenders which were awarded to a contractor or service provider at the conclusion of the public procurement contract procedure within the last two years.

The results of contract awards and the lists of planned, awarded and published tenders are available below:


Click here (Dutch - French) to consult the presentation of the Suppliers Day of 22 October 2020.