TUC RAIL was established in 1992. Belgian railway infrastructure manager Infrabel is the major shareholder of TUC RAIL. During 30 years, TUC RAIL has proven, in various fields, its great expertise within the railway business, specifically on an infrastructure level. Since 1 January 2017, TUC RAIL and IXILIO, a subsidiary of Infrabel specialising in IT services, are one and the same company. This fusion will allow TUC RAIL to diversify and further complete its offer since it will be able to provide its clients with a new ICT consultancy activity in the railway sector.

Flexibility and reliability

TUC RAIL will continue to grow, both in Belgium and abroad. Our slogan “Flexible Thinking, Reliable Results” refers to two of our essential qualities: our flexibility and the reliability of our results. It is in this spirit that our company’s thousand staff members work daily. Our core competencies include project management, design and execution of the work, both in constructing new rail infrastructure and in adapting existing infrastructure.

Large Infrastructure projects

On the Belgian market, TUC RAIL is working mainly for the Build Department of rail infrastructure manager Infrabel. TUC RAIL provides Project Management of large infrastructure projects, carries out feasibility studies and technical plans and work. This means working on large and complex projects in order to extend and modernise one of the world’s busiest railway networks situated at the heart of Europe. As a result, TUC RAIL has acquired a lot of experience. Therefore, it also offers its services and competencies to foreign projects, enabling it to capitalise on acquired knowledge, to face new challenges and to diversify its experiences. This diversification also results in new career opportunities for TUC RAIL staff.

Since its inception, the company has stood out and proved itself in various areas of railway industry and, more particularly, high-speed rail. 30 years of experience enable it to provide its clients with quality, reliable and tailor-made services, from design to implementation.