TUC RAIL’s knowledge and knowhow are state-of-the-art. We participate in fascinating projects that are socially relevant, which obviously enhances day-to-day motivation. In order to mo make our company ever better and stronger, it is of vital importance to make it as a team, standing shoulder to shoulder in difficult times and showing due pride at fine achievements.

The five TUC RAIL corporate values tell us how to behave towards one another. It is a guideline in our daily work and makes us who we are.


Continuous improvement

We continuously look for new methods to improve our operations and results.

Flexibility and creativity

  1. We are open to change.
  2. We adapt our services, our methods and our processes to the evolving needs of our internal and external clients.

Productivity, reliability and development

  1. We optimise the productivity of our activities and the reliability of our results.
  2. We develop our knowledge and our expertise. 

Assuming responsibility

We assume responsibility in line with our position or role.


  1. We anticipate potential risks and opportunities.
  2. We look for a solution to every problem.

Commitments and decisions

  1. We meet our commitments.
  2. We do everything possible to implement decisions taken.

Better cooperation

We believe in transparent cooperation.


  1. We do what we say and we say what we think and what we do.
  2. We listen to others.

Assertiveness and appropriation

  1. We take the points of view of others into account.
  2. We act in the best interests of all.

Showing respect

We respect others and the environment.

People and the environment

  1. We respect the specificities, diversity and authenticity of each person.
  2. We're aware of the impact of our activities on people and the environment and take both into account.


  1. We act honestly and with integrity, both in technical (design and cost management) and moral (ethical rules) terms.
  2. We comply with decisions taken and apply them in a spirit of loyalty to the company.

Sharing our passion

We're proud to work on exciting and challenging projects which ensure sustainable mobility.  We share our passion with enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm and a pleasant atmosphere

  1. We're always optimistic and work to create a pleasant work environment (Have fun!).
  2. We celebrate our successes and learn from our failures thanks to constructive feedback.


  1. We share our knowledge and our experience.
  2. We represent TUC RAIL by conveying a positive image.