DIABOLO Project – Opening of Brussels Airport

The ‘Diabolo’ project linked Brussels and the national airport to the main railway axes of the Belgian network, as well as to several major European cities via high-speed lines. The airport station was also transformed and modernised to accommodate high-speed trains. The aim was to reduce road traffic in the vicinity of Brussels National Airport and increase passenger transport by train to and from the airport.

Our mission

The project comprises various components:

  • the construction of a new direct rail link, the so-called Nossegem curve, to provide optimal access to the airport from Leuven/Liège;
  • the construction of a new railway viaduct in Schaerbeek to optimise the connection between Brussels-North and the airport;
  • the creation of a new section of the L25N railway line in the central reservation of the E19 motorway towards Antwerp;
  • the construction of bored tunnels under the airport runways (in operation).

TUC RAIL handled the overall project management and was in charge of the complete construction management of all railway equipment (track, signalling, telecom, fixed electrical traction installations, power supply equipment for electrified lines, safety equipment, …). As regards the civil engineering part of the tunnel and road modifications, TUC RAIL carried out the preliminary design studies and assisted Infrabel in launching and monitoring the design and construction contracts throughout the project life cycle of the project until commissioning.

TUC RAIL managed all interfaces between the various parties involved and ensured the overall monitoring of the project in terms of planning, budget (project and construction management costs) and quality.

To ensure the safety of all parties involved in the works near the tracks in operation, TUC RAIL was entrusted with the scheduling, phasing, steering and supervision of all works.