Rail Baltica – Modernisation of the railway station and related infrastructure in Riga

As part of the Rail Baltica project, a design-build contract was launched for the modernisation of the central station in Riga, Latvia, to allow the new Rail Baltica corridor to pass through the Latvian capital. The works include the transformation of the existing station into a new station, into which the 1520mm gauge conventional lines and the 4 new UIC (1435mm) gauge tracks of the international Rail Baltica corridor will be integrated. The infrastructure in front of and behind the station will also be modified, including the construction of a new railway bridge over the Daugava river.

Our mission

This project is financed by the European Union and the Republic of Latvia and is part of the Rail Baltica project which will integrate the Baltic countries into the European railway network and link the cities of Helsinki, Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius and Warsaw. One of the biggest challenges of this project is that is has to be realised while ensuring the existing operation of the station.

TUC RAIL’s assignment consists of the preparation of the preliminary and detailed design studies for the tracks, the catenaries and the civil engineering structures in the station (railway viaducts). In particular, the design of the catenary system was based on the principle of a migratable 3kV DC / 25 kV AC catenary that allows for future conversion to a conventional 25 kV AC electrified railway network. TUC RAIL also offers specialised railway expertise (e.g. systems integration, RAMS, operational planning, signalling, earthing, etc.).