Bretagne-Pays de la Loire
high-speed line

The Bretagne-Pays de la Loire project involved the construction of a new 214 km high-speed line between Le Mans and Rennes, France. High-speed trains run at 320 km/h on this line, which also has eight junctions with the conventional railway network.

Our mission

TUC RAIL was involved in this project at three different levels:


  • A first contract was signed to carry out preliminary design and detail studies for the catenary system, including planning and phasing of the works. During the implementation phase, TUC RAIL also provided external supervision of the electrification works until the acceptance of the new installations.
  • A second contract covered the management of the traffic of the work trains and the Laval work base. TUC RAIL drafted the temporary safety operation regulations and set up a team at the work base to ensure the proper management of the work trains. To ensure logistics ran in the best possible safety conditions, we deployed our rail traffic assistance and monitoring software, called MANTRA, to increase the efficiency of rail operations on the construction site.
  • Finally, TUC RAIL was awarded a third contract to assist the client in the documentary integration of the various subsystems with a view to the certification process.