Multimodal train depot of Melle

TUC RAIL was commissioned by the Belgian national operator SNCB to manage, design, procure and supervise (incl. testing and commissioning) the construction of a new train depot for their future new types of rolling stock at Melle in the North of Belgium.

The construction of this new workshop for SNCB was intended for maintenance, repair and cleaning of multiple types of locomotives and rolling stock.

Our mission

Composed of 2 halls, one for the locomotive equipment with 17 internal tracks and one for towed rolling stock with 9 internal tracks and a washing line, the workshop is equipped with the most modern technology and is more environmentally friendly than its predecessors.

It is equipped with cranes and work platforms to maintain new types of trains, it has a track configuration allowing the entering of the trains from one side and the leaving from the other. Furthermore, TUC RAIL realized 2 technical buildings, a building for the storage of hazardous products, …

TUC RAIL delivered all project management and engineering services from preliminary design stage onwards in close collaboration with the maintenance teams from SNCB in order to put in services in 2020 one of the most modern and multimodal workshops of its kind.