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Parallel road

Public road alongside the track.

Pile driving

Operation consisting in driving a deep foundation (in steel, concrete or reinforced concrete), also called piles, into the ground by the dynamic effect of shocks or vibrations with the help of a driving appliance. This operation is done with the aim of constructing a structure on good ground, when the superficial layers are of mediocre resistance.


Pillars, supporting columns supporting a bridge, for instance.

Planning permit

Licence required for the construction of infrastructure.


Postes à Logique Programmable - Electronic signalling system.

PMO Officer (Project Management Office)

Responsible for the administrative coordination of projects: project organisation, monitoring, steering and support.


Public Private Partnership. A means of financing investment in which a government body contracts with a private service provider to design, build and maintain a public infrastructure project over a substantial period of time (between 25 and 30 years). In return, the private sector partner receives lease rental income for the duration of the contract.

Programmeerbare Logica Post (PLP)

Electronic interlocking system between signal box and equipment in tracks that detects trains and operates signals and switches. It replaces all-relay or PTAR systems.

Project EIR

Specific type of environmental effects report prepared for projects that require an environmental or planning permit.

Project Engineer (PE)

Responsible for the design and on-site follow up of special techniques (electricity, lighting, low-voltage current, fire safety, etc.) applied in building projects; draws up specifications and tender documents.

Project Manager (PM)

Manages a specific project which has time and budget constraints; defines, coordinates and closely follows up the project.

Public procedure

The procedure for concluding a public procurement contract in which any interested contractor or service provider may submit a bid and in which the bid opening session is public.

Public procurement contract

Type of contract for pecuniary interest concluded between one or more contractors or service providers and one or more public companies which has as its object the carrying out of works or the provision of services.