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Rail bypass

Railway connection of access.

Rail dampers

A means to reduce the noise caused by passing trains, rail dampers are attached to the rails to reduce vibrations when a train passes over them.

Rail interoperability

Ability of a rail system to provide safe and uninterrupted train journeys (for example, for a train originating in Germany to use the Belgian network and vice versa).

Rail yards

The aggregate of railway tracks where trains are gathered.

Railway crossover

Railway bridge on which one or several lines run and below which one or several other lines run. In railway language, the crossover point is called PX.

Railway equipment

Equipment necessary for trains to operate: tracks, overhead wiring, sleepers, signals, etc.

Railway infrastructure

Infrastructure necessary for trains to operate: tracks, overhead wiring, sleepers, signals, etc.

Railway operators

Companies that arrange and control train traffic on the railway network.

Railway platform

Railway bed. Area that accommodates the railway infrastructure.


Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety. Specific approach which is part of a quality management system or an improvement cycle with as its objective to coherently quantify the degree of reliability, availability, maintainability and safety, as well as set out the process to achieve this in a traceable manner. 

Reinforced excavations

Action of digging (in a terrain) to install a foundation. The reinforcement of the excavation serves to support the walls of the hole dug in order to prevent the sides caving in. The reinforcement material varies depending on the nature of the terrain but mainly consists of concrete.


Réseau Express Régional. Future network of closely interconnected rail links and bus lines designed to absorb the expected increase in passenger traffic in a 30 km radius around Brussels.

Restricted procedure

The procedure for concluding a public procurement contract in which any contractor or service provider may ask to participate and in which only those candidates selected by the public company may submit a bid and attend the bid opening session.

Risk Management

Analyse the risks to which the company is exposed and set out their impact on the company and its processes; accept or reject these risks and take the necessary measures.