Infrabel/TUC RAIL, together with the Antwerp Port Authority and Maatschappij Linkerscheldeoever, built Rietveld Kallo, a 46-hectare nature area, a habitat of the “reed and water” type, in lieu of compensation for the land claimed in the ecologically valuable Steenland Polder. This nature area will have a recreational function for neighbourhood residents with the construction of walking trails, wooden decking and bird observation walls.

Other measures also limit the environmental impact:

  • the construction of a sound buffer along the Zuidelijke Groenzone/Haasop nature area;
  • the construction of ecological links between the subareas of Steenland Polder;
  • the ecological planting of the sound buffers with indigenous species;
  • the planting of woods in compensation;


Rietveld Kallo