To meet the challenges of the future at a national and international level, it is necessary to build an extension of the rail infrastructure near Mechelen.

The loop line encircling the city, also called the bypass, will be 2.5 km long. After its commissioning, high-speed trains will be running on the line at a speed of 160 km/h. This new infrastructure is the final piece of the high-speed network in Belgium. It will also be connected to the Diabolo link between Brussels Airport and the major domestic railway lines.

The rail bypass will be combined with the new road tangent, which will relieve the ring road around the historic city centre. The station and its surroundings will also be completely renovated. The result will be a homogeneous whole, with tracks harmoniously spanning the roads.

The road tangent passes through a tunnel giving access to the new NMBS underground car park, which will accommodate up to 2000 cars. TUC RAIL was also entrusted with equipping the tracks near two platforms of the station.

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TUC RAIL’s mission

The tasks of TUC RAIL are:

  • Construction of all structures (bridges, viaducts, tunnels, etc.)
  • Construction of embankments – excavations
  • Construction of soil retaining walls, retaining walls, etc.
  • Bedding works for the rail bypass (construction of sub-grade and ballast)
  • Construction of drainage systems for railway bypass and Tangent
  • Construction of noise barriers
  • Railway equipment works for line 25N
  • Cabling and signalling for line 25N
  • Construction of the overhead wires for line 25N
  • Preparation of a safety dossier

For more information about Project Mechelen, visit the website: (only available in Dutch).



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